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Where I Got My Character Ideas - Part I - by Bob Craypoe
The Punkster idea came after the creation of the first character. The first character that was developed is the one displayed on the right. At the time I created the character, I did not have a name for him. Eventually I named him Bang, short for Gerald Bangston.

I created the character and the image in Daz studio. At that time I had no plan to really create any more of them.
punkster first image
Then I thought, what the hell, let me see if I can create a couple more. So I did and then I created the image to the right with the three of them.

At that time, I started to think that I might be on to something here. So I decided to create an imaginary Punk Rock band and so I figured a quartet would be better than just a trio. That's when I added the singer, Crash; who is added in the image below.
3 bros with brews
So now I have all four members of the band, Bing, Bang, Crash and Boom. As far as the names are concerned, I just thought that I would go with destructive sounding names. I thought that would be cool because Punk rockers have sort of a reputation for being rowdy.

Then I thought it might be a cool idea to make a comic strip using the characters I had just created. I also decided to add even more characters to the mix.
punkster group shot ssmall
When I created each character, I basically  outlined some of their personal characteristics. I figured that would give me more to work with once I started to do the comic strip. Basically, I was right because it did make things a lot easier once I started to create the strips.

So this is how it all originally got its start. When I did the first strip, I decided to use the first character I created. That was just the beginning of what I hope will become something big.

Bob Craypoe
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