Let's Meet the Punksters.net Main Characters
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bing promo pic Bing:
His full name is William Billingsly. His nickname, Bing, was just a shortened form of his last name. Bing is the drummer. He is married to a wife that won't allow him to do anything. She gives him a hard time every time he goes to go to a band practice or a gig. His wife is abusive towards him and his two kids are brats.

Bing works in an office environment. The running joke will be that he wears his punk rock garb in the conference room in a corporate environment. His boss calls him by his last name, Billingsly.
Bang promo pic Bang:
His full name is Gerald Bangston but they call him Bang for short. Bang is the Guitarist in the band. He is the most dedicated member of the group and he basically runs the band. He is a work-a-holic when it comes to band matters. The harder he works, though, the more the others slack off.

His day job is working as a waiter in a fancy restaurant. The running joke will be that he wears punk rock attire even while working as a waiter in a fancy restaurant. He gets away with a lot there because his uncle owns the restaurant. The other employees resent him for it.
crash promo pic Crash:
His full name is Stanley Cash. They nicknamed him Stanley Crash because he was always getting into accidents with his car. Most often they just call him Crash for short. Crash is the lead singer. He lives in his parents' basement and his day job is working as a burger flipper in a diner.

His future appears to lack promise. He is a screw-up and reckless. His father is strict but his mother spoils him. His father always insults him and and mother always sticks up for him. He is always losing his drivers license for something. His girlfriend has to drive him around. She is always at the band practices too.
boom promo pic Boom:
His full name is Jerome Bloom. They nicknamed him boom because he always has his bass amp cranked to the max and likes to have it booming.

Boom always chases after the girls but the girls don't like him so much. His day job is working as a janitor in a hospital. He unfortunately gets all of the dirty jobs like cleaning up poop, plunging toilets and mopping up vomit.

Boom is a party animal' He often gets sloppy drunk and will often drink to the point of vomiting.
mad Jacky Promo pic Mad Jacky:
Mad Jacky is the band's manager. He will basically rob the band of every cent he can but at the same time come down like a hammer on anyone else trying to exploit or take advantage of the band. He feels that's his job.

Mad Jacky will pretty much book the band to play just about anywhere, no matter how bad the venue is. He also doesn't care how much they pay. He is the booking agent for a number of bands and kind of has a lock on the local music scene. He got his nickname Mad Jacky for being ruthless in the business.
Robfarley Promo Pic Rob Farley:
Rob Farley is a Jamaican immigrant who likes to smoke de ganja mon. He is Bing's Co-worker and closest friend on the job. Actually, he may very well be Bing's only friend on the job. Since becoming Bing's friend on the job, he has also been introduced to the rest of the band and has become friends with them as well.

Even though his musical preferences are more along the lines of Reggae, he still likes to regularly attend the band's shows. Rob has a very laid back and relaxed style. He never sweats the small stuff. 
Super Crack Ho Promo Pic Super Crack Ho:
Super Crack Ho, safe to say, is not your typical super hero type. Sure, she has the cape thing going for her but beyond that, she is very unique. Among her unique qualities, she is a crack addict. But she does not let that slow her down in her crime fighting activities. In fact, she really gets going good when she's all wacked-out on crack.

Super Crack Ho is a mild mannered librarian by day, named Velvita Buttersworth, and by night, a dumpster diving, crack smoking crime fighter/ho. She heads the team of superheroes called the Dysfunctionals.
Izzy Promo Pic Dizzy Izzy:
Izzy, short for Isabel, is Crash's girlfriend. She's a bit of an airhead. That's why they call her Dizzy Izzy. She's a pretty girl. but, quite frankly, nobody knows what the hell she sees in Crash.

Izzy drives Crash around because he keeps losing his license for various reasons. She even drives him to band practice and acts as sort of a roadie for him too. She attends every gig that the band performs at as well. Izzy is probably the band's biggest fan. She'll drive around and hang up flyers for the band's shows, run errands for them and do that driving around thing for Crash all of the time.
Gina Promo Pic Gina:
Gina is Bang's girlfriend and Izzy's best friend. Gina and Izzy hang out a lot together. Well, that's when Izzy isn't driving Crash somewhere. Gina attends every gig the band performs, right along with Izzy. They are always in the front row together watching the guys perform. They know all the words to every song the band plays.

Gina gives Bang the space he needs to do his music thing. She likes the attention she gets for being the guitarist's girlfriend. She always makes a point of mentioning that the guitar player is her boyfriend.  
Trey promo pic Trey McDonald:
Trey works alongside Crash on his day job at the diner. He is really encouraging to Crash as he pursues his musical ambitions. He kind of lives out his dreams through his friend, Crash.

Trey is a regular attendee at all of the band's gigs. He likes to slam dance and mosh. He will even do a little stage diving into the crowd when the band lets him onto the stage at a gig.

Trey comes in real handy at times when the band has a tough crowd and some kind of brawl breaks out. He is a really good guy to have on your side. 
Nagath Promo pic Nagatha Billingsly:
Her actual name is Agatha but the guys in the band nicknamed her Nagatha because she always nags her husband, Bing. The guys in the band don't call her that around Bing though. That just wouldn't be cool.

She never attends any of the band's gigs or rehearsals. She doesn't socialize with anyone in the band and has absolutely no desire to do so. She tries to make it as difficult as possible for Bing to do anything band related in the hopes that he eventually will just give up and quit out of frustration.
Becky and Brian Promo Becky and Brian Billingsly:
Becky and Brian are the two children of Bing and Agatha. They are not very well behaved. In fact, they are just downright rotten. Sometimes they will be unloading on their father while his wife is nagging him too.

Any time the kids see something advertised on television, they nag their father until he gives in. If he doesn't give in, they bother their mother, who will then nag Bing to give them what they want. These kids specialize in pitting one parent against the other in order to get what they want. 
mr cash  Mr Ronald Cash:
This is Crash's father, Ronald Cash. He is very critical of his son and his lack of good judgment, lack of a sense of direction, lack of a work ethic and, well, his general lack or redeeming qualities.

He and his wife are often at odds and argue about matters concerning their only son, Stanley. But every now and then, he will break down and do something nice for his son. When it really comes down to it, he really isn't all that bad. It's just that he feels his son needs a little prodding and poking at times to sort of nudge him along to put him on the right path.
Mildred promo pic Mildred Cash:
Mildred Cash is Crash's mother. She likes to baby her little Stanley. After all, he is her only boy. She even makes his bed for him. But even though she allows him to do practically anything he wants, she will not tolerate foul language.

Mildred is the type of mother that can't accept the idea that her son could be at fault for anything. Someone always had to put her impressionable young boy up to it. Although, Mildred does not care for Punk Rock music, she has always been a great source of encouragement for her boy and his music.
Nurse weretched promo pic Nurse Wretched:
This is nurse Agnes Anne Wretched. She works at the hospital with Boom. She is really quite nasty. She pretty much dogs Boom all day long telling him to do one dirty job after another. Then she will nitpick the quality of his work.

Agnes is very quick with a joke that is usually at someone else's expense. In most cases, they are at Boom's expense. She is also one of those people who laugh out quite loud at their own jokes; which makes her all that much more annoying to those who are the targets of her insulting jokes. 
crystal meth man promo pic Crystal Meth Man:
Crystal Meth Man is a superhero that is the sidekick of Super Crack Ho. His secret identity is that of your friendly neighborhood grub named, coincidentally enough, Michael Grubbinson.

Often, he will be seen grubbing something off of someone like money or a cigarette. Of course, when he "borrows" something from someone, he never actually pays it back. I guess it kind of goes with being a grub. He's another member of the superhero team called the Dysfuntionals.
Jerkinson promo pic John Jerkinson:
John Jerkinson is a bit of a jerk. Actually, he is more than just a bit of a jerk, he is a total jerk. He is Boom's next door neighbor, the neighbor from hell. He also frequents the restaurant that Bang works at and can be quite the tough customer. 

Jerkinson is Bing's co-worker too. On the job, he is one hell of a backstabber. It is the one thing on the job that he really excels at. John Jerkinson will definitely be the one guy from this comic strip series that everyone will love to hate. He is almost guaranteed to rub just about everyone the wrong way.
H.C. Harvey promo pic Harvey Chesterfield Harvey:
Harvey Chesterfield Harvey is Bing's Boss at the H.C. Harvey Advertising Agency. He refers to Bing by his last name, Billingsly. He is not a bad boss at all really. It's just that Bing prefers his music career over his job at the agency. Mr Harvey still tries to be a mentor to Bing, though, because he truly believes that Bing has a lot of potential.

Mr Harvey will be completely oblivious to the fact that Bing hates his job. The office environment here will be used as an opportunity to introduce corporate, business, media and advertising related humor.
uncle frank promo pic Uncle Frank Bangston:
This is Bang's uncle. He is the one that owns the restaurant where Bang works during the day. He calls Bang Gerry and shows favoritism towards him over the other employees at the restaurant.

Frank never had a son of his own and that's why he shows so much favoritism towards his nephew Gerry. When Gerry was a kid, his Uncle Frank would take him places, buy him things and basically spoil him rotten. Gerry is the son that Frank never had. Frank allows Gerry to basically set his own hours at the restaurant and take as many breaks as he wants too.
Mr Evil Thug Guy Mr Evil Thug Guy:
Mr Evil Thug Guy. As you can plainly see, is a rather menacing looking individual. Not only is he nasty looking, but he has also devoted his entire life to crime. Let's just say that he is a real meanie pants.

Nobody really knows why he turned out the way he did. Maybe his mother just did not hug him enough. Regardless as to what the cause of his nasty disposition may be, we know one thing for sure, and that is that he will be quite the evil nemesis for super Crack Ho and the other superheroes featured in this comic strip.
captain tranny Captain Tranny:
Captain tranny is a transvestite superhero. His super powers include flying and sprinkling fairy dust. The fairy wings are basically for the flying part and he also does some pretty magical things with fairy dust. Oh, and he can even kick like a Rockette too.

Captain Tranny teamed up with Super Crack ho and Crystal Meth Man to form a team of superheroes called the Dysfunctionals. All we have to say is that you bad guys better watch out! He's a hell of a lot tougher than he looks.
doctor butterbean Doctor Butterbean:
Doctor Butterbean is the one doctor that all of the Punksters characters will go to see on a doctor's visit. He treats all sorts of maladies; many of which may actually be on the embarrassing side. But have no fear, Doctor Butterbean will keep it all confidential because he is a truly compassionate and understanding health care professional.

Often playing the straight man in two character strips, he is not usually the one that delivers the punchline. However, he is crucial to the scenario, just the same. His first appearance was in comic strip number 19.
the frequent flyer The Frequent Flyer:
The Frequent Flyer is another superhero type in Punksterville. He is part of that wonderful team of superheroes called the Dysfunctionals. He is a bit of a deadbeat dad though. He has fathered a lot of children and doesn't hold down a steady job.

The Frequent Flyer will often do all he can to avoid responsibility, which is why he wears his trusty jet pack. With his jet pack, he can take flight very quickly whenever he feels someone is trying to force responsibilities upon him. Job applications are his kryptonite. Just whip one out and he's as good as gone. His first appearance was in comic strip number 76.
moronye jest promo Moronye Jest:
Moronye Jest is a rap "artist" who kind of thinks a little more highly of himself than he probably should. But who are we to burst his bubble or interfere with his delusions of grandeur? Sometimes, when you have a delusion, you should just run with it. What the hell, you only live once.

The guys in the Punkster band don't mind knocking him down a peg or two every now and then though. And that's when the fun usually starts. Besides, it helps him to keep it real. His first appearance was in comic strip number 81.
detective harry ho Detective Harry Ho:
Detective Ho is the one guy from the police force that often works with the team of superheroes known as the Dysfunctionals to solve all of the big criminal cases that take place. He mostly works with Super Crack Ho. This is one team of hos that the local criminals will have a hard time getting over on.

He works on any type of case, it doesn't matter. murder, mayhem or anything else that happens in the city. He has a very serious nature and is not really known to joke. In fact, he has never been known to even smile. His first appearance was in comic strip number 83.
The Fartin Spartan The Fartin' Spartan:
The Fartin' Spartan is another member of the superhero team called the Dysfunctionals. His super powers include a quick fart to stun his enemy and he then follows it up with a toilet plunger to the face. He's a little on the old side though. He may not be as quick as he used to be but he can sure rip a good one when necessary.

His addition to the team came in the Punksters.net Comic Strip number 100 and was a nice way to cap off the first one hundred comic strips.
Amanda Davies Amanda Davies:
Amanda Davies is one of those whack jobs that like to approach people on the streets and harass them for doing things that offend her. The worst part of that is the fact that pretty much everything offends her.

Her usual targets are the characters of the comic strip. She will often approach them and unload her vile bile onto them in the form of an obnoxious hysterical rant of some sort. Amanda's character was first introduced in the Punksters,net comic strip number 96.
The Piddler The Piddler:
The piddler is not your average villain. Most villains are motivated by money, in that they rob people, or motivated by anger. This guy just likes to pee on people from rooftops. Of course we at least have our teamof heroes called the Dysfunctionals as well as their law enforcement ally detective Harry Ho to kind of keep him in check. Or at least they try to anyway.

The piddler was first referred to in comic strip number 110 and made his first appearance in comic strip number 111.
Al the death metal guy Al the Death Metal Guy:
Al the Death Metal Guy is a musician friend of Boom's that plays guitar in, you guessed it, a death metal band. however, he is not what some would imagine him to be. He is really a laid back and mellow sort of guy when he is off stage. It just goes to show that you shouldn't really generalize about people, based upon the type of music they like or play.

Al made his first appearance in comic strip number 98. That's actually the strip where he tells his long-time good friend, Boom, that he has started playing in a death metal band.
Sabrina the fortune teller/medium Sabrina the Fortune Teller/Medium:
Sabrina the Fortune Teller/Medium is the one person everybody in the comic strip series goes to when they want to know what the future may hold for them. With her handy crystal ball in front of her, she is ready to foretell their future. She also, as an additional service, will perform a seance when necessary. Perhaps, she will even perform a seance when it is not necessary. She really just does it for the money.

Sabrina made her first appearance in comic strip number 106, foretelling Bang's future.
B.L. Zeebub B.L. Zeebub/the Devil:
B.L. Zeebub is the assumed identity of none other than the Devil himself. He often goes around trying to get people to sign contracts that involve them selling their soul. Some are obviously reluctant to do so for various reasons. He is usually seen with a contract in one hand and a brief case in the other.

B.L. Zeebub actually made his first appearance in the comic strip series as the Devil in comic strip number 74 and made his first appearance as B.L. Zeebub in comic strip number 75. He will make an occasional appearance from time to time.
Ghost dude Mr Ghost Dude
Mr Ghost Dude is the guy that haunts Bang's apartment. He is sort of the ghostly equivalent of a really bad roommate. But those sort of things happen when an apartment building is built upon an ancient Indian burial ground. I mean, isn't that the making for most horror movies that involve ghosts?

Bang tries a number of things to try to get rid of him but with no success. Let's face it, he ain't going away any time soon. And maybe it's just as well since it gives us the opportunity to throw in some ghost humor. He made his first appearance comic strip number 113.
colonel cornball Colonel Cornball:
Colonel Cornball is a presidential candidate with a minimal quantity charismatic qualities. Okay, he doesn't have a charismatic bone in his body but he doesn't feel that should interfere with his ability or likelihood of getting elected. Although he has what should be obviously noticeable leanings towards totalitarianism, the gullible masses are somehow oblivious to it. There is an old saying that says that if you truly want to test a man's character, give him power. No point in testing this guy, he doesn't have any character. He first appeared in comic strip number 164.
Aaron walks with wheels Aaron Walks With Wheels:
Aaron Walks with Wheels is the ultimate example of diversity. He comes in handy at the H.C. Harvey Advertising Agency. Aaron meets a few quotas, as a matter of fact. He is handicapped, a Native American and he's Jewish. What are the odds of having one person meet all of those qualities? In this comic strip, the odds are probably pretty damn good.

Aaron's favorite meal is a buffalo burger on a bagel. He was circumsised with a tomahawk. He first appeared in comic strip number 174.
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