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home group shot Welcome to Punksters.net. We have a comic strip here featuring the Punk Rock characters above. From left to right, the members of the band are Bing the drummer, Bang the guitarist, Crash the singer and Boom the bass guitarist. That's Bing, Bang, Crash and Boom.

The site has free downloadable desktop wallpapers, so feel free to download one of them. We  also have some merchandise available that you can check out on our merchandise page.

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Some of you might be wondering what exactly a Punkster is. If you look online, you will find a number of different definitions for the word Punkster. But allow me to give you my own definition. For all intents and purposes regarding the comic strip, a Punkster is someone who likes Punk Rock music, somewhat young (about 17-30 years old) and sort of rebellious or someone who goes against the grain.

The First Punksters.net Punk Rock Comic Strip was released on January 25th 2015. It doesn't really matter if you are into Punk Rock or not, the comic strip deals with a lot of subjects where humor can be found. Whether you are a musician, someone who works a day job you hate or have memories of some of the crazy things you did when you were young, this comic strip will have some humor you can relate to.

You can meet the characters on the Characters Page, in case you want to have more of an idea as to what the strip involves. We sincerely hope you enjoy the strip and like the characters as well. Maybe, in the end, you will want to consider yourself a Punkster too.

Bob Craypoe - The Creator of the Punksters.net Comic Strip.
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