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Where I Got My Character Ideas - Part II - Family & Friends
After I created the initial four characters that made up the band. I decided to add their girlfriends and their family members. For the guitarist, Gerry “Bang” Bangston, I gave him a girlfriend named Gina. No particular reason for that name though. He's with her in the picture to the right. they look happy together anyway, don't they.

For the singer, Stanley “Crash” Cash, I decided to create a girlfriend that was a bit of an airhead, named Izzy, who is sometimes referred to as Dizzy Izzy. I also created Stanley's parents, Mr and Mrs Cash because Stanley still lives at his parents' home because his job at the diner doesn't pay much. I got that idea because a lot of musicians work menial day jobs.
bag and gina
For the Drummer, William “Bing” Billingsly I created a wife and two kids. His wife's name is Agatha and is sometimes referred to as Nagatha for obvious reasons. She is not very supportive of Bing's band situation and wishes he would just give up on his musical ambitions. His kids are named Becky and Brian and are somewhat brats. I created this as a situation for him as a result of my experinces in some bands where there were certain members who had wives that were not very supportive of their musical ambitions.  family time
For the bass player, Jerome “Boom” Bloom, I decided that he would be the guy that never has any luck picking up the girls. I gave him a cat though. But, as some of you may know, cats can be a bit temperamental and mischievous, and you will get to see those aspects of the cat's personality from time to time.

The band also has a Jamaican friend named Rob Farley. Obviously the name is a take-off of the name Bob Marley the Jamaican reggae musician. He is also Bing's co-worker. He likes to smoke his ganja, mon, and will do so from time to time with the members of the band. As part of his dialogue, I usually make it a point to include an occasional "mon" as part of a sentence, mon.

You can go to the Characters Page to read more about the characters that are in the comic strip. That's it for now. I'll speak to you later about more of the characters.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. l. Crepeau 
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