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Read All About the Dysfunctionals - The World's Weirdest Superheroes
super crack ho
Meet Super Crack Ho
Super Crack Ho, safe to say, is not your typical super hero type. Sure, she has the cape thing going for her but beyond that, she is very unique. Among her unique qualities, she is a crack addict. But she really gets going good when she's all wacked-out on crack.

Super Crack Ho is a mild mannered librarian by day, named Velvita Buttersworth, and by night, a dumpster diving, crack smoking crime fighter/ho.  
crystal meth man
Meet Crystal Meth Man
Crystal Meth Man is a superhero that is the sidekick of Super Crack Ho. His secret identity is that of your friendly neighborhood grub named, coincidentally enough, Michael Grubbinson.

Often, he will be seen grubbing something off of someone like money or a cigarette. Of course, when he "borrows" something from someone, he never actually pays it back.
captain tranny
Meet Captain Tranny
Captain tranny is a transvestite superhero. His super powers include flying and sprinkling fairy dust. The fairy wings are basically for the flying part and he also does some pretty magical things with fairy dust. Oh, and he can even kick like a Rockette too.

Captain Tranny teamed up with Super Crack ho and Crystal Meth Man to form a team of superheroes called the Dysfunctionals.
the frequent flyer
Meet the Frequent Flyer
The Frequent Flyer is another superhero type in Punksterville. He is part of that wonderful team of superheroes called the Dysfunctionals. He is a bit of a deadbeat dad though. He has fathered a lot of children and doesn't hold down a steady job.

The Frequent Flyer will often do all he can to avoid responsibility, which is why he wears his trusty jet pack. With his jet pack, he can take flight very quickly whenever he feels someone is trying to force responsibilities upon him.
the fartin spartan
Meet the Fartin' Spartan
The Fartin' Spartan is another member of the superhero team called the Dysfunctionals. His super powers include a quick fart to stun his enemy and follows it up with a toilet plunger to the face. He's a little on the old side though. He may not be as quick as he used to be but he can sure rip a good one when necessary. 
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